Therapy Dog Yoshi

            Health Heelers achieves the best outcomes, because we don't offer cookie- cutter packages.


Full Program Design and Implementation: includes but not limited to a facility assessment and defining goals, custom program design and implementation, staff education, onsite team training, and ongoing program coordination, monitoring and management

Consultation: includes expert input into one or more specific areas. For example: auditing current practices or training standards, developing policies and procedures, assessing credentialing requirements, educating staff, assisting with grant applications, establishing infection prevention methods.

Program Management: ongoing mentoring, monitoring and coordination, updating as needed

Professional Development: teaching educators, counselors, therapists and other professionals how to best apply Animal-Assisted Interventions within the scope of her or his practice as a reimbursable service

Evaluate and Upgrade Existing programs: identify areas of need, build knowledge/skill of existing teams, upgrade training practices, assure compliance, establish competency measures, provide staff education or development, elevate standards, improve safety, refresh activity ideas, assist in research

Special Events: innovative activities or projects in which therapy animals are active participants; thoroughly engaging those that are served regardless of physical or cognitive ability. Book a one-time or recurring event!

"Stress Buster" Events: our therapy animals melt away stress on local campuses, at businesses and community houses to name a few. Book a one-time or recurring event!

Educational Presentations: interactive demonstrations and entertaining presentations for schools and community organizations

Therapy Dog/Cat Classes: prepares the potential therapy animal team for the Pet Partners evaluation. We work with mini horses, bunnies, and pocket pets too!