Therapy Dog Savard

       Prepare to share your pet’s love with others.      

Our expert now offers two levels of Therapy Dog Class!

Therapy Animal Team Class:Our next 4-week class runs Thursdays, August 29th, September 5th, September 12th, and September 19th at 7:00pm.

LOCATION: Menomonee Falls, WI

Our Therapy Dog Classes are for dogs, cats, bunnies, horses and others! Based on the insights, experience and knowledge of an Animal-Assisted Therapy expert, our classes help both you and your pet prepare for successful completion of the rigorous Pet Partners evaluation. Classes are kept small to ensure that you have a great learning experience as you develop the skills and positive working-bond needed to become a therapy animal team. This is a specialized, advanced level class. A screening is recommended prior to enrolling.

PRE- Therapy Animal Class:Our next 3-week class runs Thursdays, September 5th, September 12th, and September 19th at 6:00pm.

Not quite ready for our advanced Therapy Animal Team Class?  Our therapy animal expert is offering a new, customized class that will focus precisely on the therapy-specific areas you and your pet need to work on! A screening is recommended prior to enrolling.

LOCATION: Menomonee Falls, WI

Train with:

  • A degreed Animal-Assisted Specialist exclusively training therapy animals- for over fifteen years

  • An active handler for more than 15 years; to five different therapy dogs

  • Therapy program consultant with insider's knowledge of the therapy team role and training needs

  • Participant in numerous seminars and courses by internationally recognized, positive reinforcement                 trainers and animal behavior experts

  • Presenter on Animal-Assisted Interventions at professional conferences

  • Positive Reinforcement trainer

  • Huge animal advocate

Regardless of where you get your training, or what your training purpose is please remember that your dog will respond best when positive techniques are employed. Be kind to your best friend!

More information about positive training can be found at: