Therapy Dog Montana Rose

Testimonials about Health Heelers


"Health Heelers in our Head Start classrooms is our greatest accomplishment. This is our shining star." ~ Anne, Director of Mental Health Division

"Health Heelers has been a major advantage to our clients who are quite limited in physical, mental, emotional and verbal areas of development or function. Health Heelers' loving and beautiful animals reached some who were not accessible in any other way. There have been heart-warming breakthroughs like never before to the amazement of staff! Laura’s ongoing support keeps it a success! Health Heelers is a great value to our clients and staff and has made more of a difference to       our clients than anything else." ~Susan, Milwaukee Center for Independence

"Of the specialty services we brought in to provide our campers with enriching experiences, the Health Heelers activities were rated #1 by our campers." ~Jessie S., CTRS, Easter Seals

"I'm so excited that this is happening again this year! We LOVE the partnership between Health Heelers and MU. We can’t imagine doing this without you. It's great to work with you, your company, your great therapy animals and handlers!"  ~Christopher D., Assistant Director of Marquette Counseling Center

"The collaboration between Health Heelers and SDC Head Start has been an inspiration for all that have been fortunate enough to witness the interactions between the Therapy Dogs and the young children. Head Start exists to open doors for children that may otherwise be overlooked.  The partnership between Head Start and Health Heelers exists to help children walk through those doors." Anne, Director of Mental Health Division

"Health Heelers offers such a great variety of activities, it helps to reach residents that don’t usually come out to participate. One man came last time and was talking and asking all kinds of questions, and we rarely seen him involved in things." ~Hanna, Activity Director, Senior Residence

"Health Heelers provides a learning experience for a child that is not available anywhere else in the community. We are very grateful for your vision. You and the volunteers (both human and canine) are an invaluable gift to our staff and the children who learn nurturing skills that improve their social skills beyond just the classroom." ~Gail, Director of Head Start

"The kids' problem solving skills improved tremendously- the [therapy] dog activity helped them to think outside of the box. Our quieter kids were more outgoing.  One boy completely afraid of dogs saw how he could interact with them in a positive way, and now loves them! I always love the activity ideas you come up with." ~Joe, Germantown Recreation Department

"Thanks so much for working with us again : ) You are wonderfully flexible and have done such an amazing job with the [summer camp] program! ~Jamie G., Camp Supervisor, Easter Seals

"Thanks SO much for the interactive demonstration for our youth camp. You & the teams did an amazing job! The kids had a great time and learned a lot. I was very impressed. It was very engaging and informative! Keep up the wonderful work!" ~ Megan, HAWS Education Department

"We had a wonderful time last night. The interactive event exceeded my expectations. Thank you for everything!" ~Pam F., Assistant Director of Residence Life, Alverno College


"Thank you for providing this wonderful service to mankind! I cannot thank you enough for the work you are doing. It truly    has changed the direction of my mother’s end-of-life experience. The power of love and care with true devotion is the most important aspect of life. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!" ~ Christine G, Daughter of hospice patient

"My daughter attends Head Start. Gabby has been afraid of dogs in the past. I picked her up from school one day and she had the biggest smile on her face. She told me that Yoshi had come to class, and she showed me Yoshi's picture. She talks about Yoshi every single day, and carries the picture everywhere she goes. She's also told me that she wants a dog like Yoshi. Thanks to you, I have seen a side of Gabby I have never seen before with animals." ~Jennifer P., Parent

"Thank you and your volunteers for the great work you are doing. Last Saturday’s visit from Sandy and Takoda and Kathy and Phoenix were a bright spot in my stay at Rehab Hospital of WI!  God Bless to all." ~ Dave M., Patient

"After petting the awesome doggies, I felt so relaxed and peaceful that I went to take a nap. The nap was nice, but petting the dogs was awesome. It's sooo much fun and lets go of stress." ~ Denisse H., College Student

"Our son is so “phobic of dogs he’ll go hide if he sees one and won’t come out,” so we declined his participation in your school program. However, he will not be kept away from your wonderful therapy dog so we have changed his permission form to allow him to participate. We are grateful that we may now be able to consider getting a family dog one day!" Parent


" changed so much about how I handled that boisterous boy. I became a better mom and more worthy of such        a great dog."  ~Deb & Toby

"Thank you for the amazing class! Both Bailey and I learned SO much. I walked in thinking it was 100% about Bailey's    abilities and walked out understanding it is a true partnership between Bailey and I. You've been an incredible inspiration." ~Beth & Bailey

"Thank you for a great class. I learned some very helpful techniques and Hunter is responding to improved cues from me." ~Pam & Hunter

5 out of 5 Stars! Class made me more aware of how our relationship would affect Zoey’s interest in working with me and in her comfort with others." ~Charlene & Zoey


" is the association with you and your program that paves the way for us to be excellent. You intuitively manage the sensitivity and the etiquette parts, as well as coaching us as teams. You are so wonderful at helping us bring the most out        in our [animal] partners! And WOW, what a culture you have nurtured to make the experience for the dogs, the clients, the volunteer and the staff - a good one every time." ~Peg & Ruby

"Thanks to you, Laura, for all you do to help us and support us so that we can be the best that we can be!!!" ~Chris & Lincoln

"I am so overwhelmed with just how amazing the experiences are that you make happen!! Your positiveness, enthusiasm and dedication to the dogs, the handlers, and most importantly the clients is exceptional - thank you!!" ~Lynette & Chili

"We are all blessed that you have come into our lives. Thanks again for all that you do to make this program AMAZING!!!!!" ~Sue & Sheba

"I want to thank you personally, Laura. You are the one that has given us the opportunity to embark on such a life-enriching opportunity. Your kindness taught me to be a better mom to Toby. The opportunity that we had to work as one of your teams enriched our lives in a way that I will be eternally grateful for." ~Deb & Toby

"I'm so glad that we found our way to Health Heelers and to you. Cleo had a gift, and I'm glad that she got to share it with so many people. Thank YOU for doing all the good you do. I never would have imagined that grabbing a flyer at a pet supply store could change our lives so much. I am truly blessed; that, I know for sure. I am truly grateful to be part of such a wonderful organization." ~Kathleen & Cleo

"You are such a good reader of dogs. Your encouragement to use a harness for my once-reactive dog really helped. You read him so well he stayed under threshold and was able to learn and grow. You are a wealth of information. We truly could not have become a therapy dog team without you. I am very indebted." ~Mike & Cú

"I can't tell you how much we enjoy working with Health Heelers. So very rewarding, and I am always learning from you." Mary & Dylan